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Environmental Commitments

Our environment is a limited resource.  To protect this resource now and for the future Isambard Archaeology accepts that it has a responsibility to seek both for its clients and the future occupiers of the buildings they are developing, the best economic solutions to ensure the delivery of environmentally sustainable accommodation.

This applies whether a single house, a high rise block or a large new estate and is achieved through co-operative management with the client, their design team and other specialist advisors. It is our aim to provide a comprehensive and proactive service whether we are engaged from the outset of a project or only become involved during the later design stages.

By keeping the team of specialist advisors local wherever possible the principles of sustainable design are ingrained in the services and philosophy of Isambard Archaeology.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.  We will achieve this by:

A copy of our Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.

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